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Relax-and-Recover (ReaR) User Guide Documentation

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Relax-and-Recover is our well known open source project dealing with Disaster Recovery of bare metal GNU/Linux systems. Relax-and-Recover (ReaR) is already part of the core operating system by some distributions such as RedHat and SuSe, but the documentation is rather basic. Over the years we had several requests for a better documentation or guidelines, but due to the high (free) support load and development or updating the source code documentation was always something that was running behind in the line.

Well, this project “ReaR User Guide Documentation” is started fill a gap to have a decent User Guide that will grow over the next months and years to a full blown User Guide with all details a novice user might need to have or know to get started. Spending time on this project is worthwhile as it will reduce the amount of (free) issues with questions that could be found in an User Guide.

Motivation is key for writing a decent ReaR User Guide:

  • Writing good documentation is not easy
  • Writing takes time and comes with a cost
  • Buy time with subscribing to the REAR-subscription (an invoice will be provided for your bookkeeping):